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After you have made initial contact with me, either via email or phone, and told me a little about why you're seeking therapy, we will arrange an introductory session.  This is usually in person, although I do sometimes work online.


For individuals, this initial session will last for 50 minutes and cost £60 (which is the same length of time and cost of a usual weekly session). 

For couples, the initial session is longer, it is an hour in length and costs £85.  This is also the same length of time and cost of a usual weekly session.


This will give us an opportunity to find out more about each other, and for you to see the therapeutic space and ask any questions you might have.  It is usually a good idea to meet several therapists before making a decision about who you feel you can work best with.  There can be circumstances when I may feel that another therapist would be better equipped to work with you but I would always explain my reasons for this, and help you take an appropriate next step.


If we decide to work with one another, sessions are weekly; I do not offer fortnightly or ad hoc sessions for individuals.  For couples, we will begin by meeting weekly, and go from there.  We may agree for me to meet with each of you individually, or both of you less frequently, as time goes on, but this is a work in progress and subject to ongoing revision and discussion.


At the beginning of our first full session, we will discuss and sign a contract that will outline the terms of our work together.  I offer open-ended psychotherapy, which means it is up to you how many sessions you would like to have.  Some clients are happy with six sessions, some with six months, and others with years.  You probably will not know at the outset how many sessions you want, so it is an organic process, and always open to discussion.

My therapy room is comfortable, calm and relaxing space in my home.

My therapy room in Hove

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