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We know that positive relationships make our lives more fulfilling and happier, yet many of us have not been taught how to make them work. We tend to try simply to 'follow our hearts' rather than developing the skills that are required to sustain a joyful and rewarding relationship.  It is common to get entrenched in old patterns of relating (that are usually rooted in our childhood wounds and attachments) and we find that we do not know how to navigate the inevitable changes that accompany getting older, having children, changing as people, wanting different things, a loss of sexual attraction and so on.


I offer relationship therapy to all couples, inclusive of gender and sexual diversity.  I aim to create an open and non-judgemental space in which you can share your thoughts and feelings with each other and with me.  It takes courage to attend couples counselling, and the process can bring up all sorts of emotions: embarrassment, rage, shame, despair, and many more.  This is normal, and is part of the hard work and commitment it takes to continually grow a mutually satisfying relationship.  Therapy can help couples identify their unmet needs, to define the key problems facing them, and to develop more effective ways of communicating and behaving so that they can move forward with confidence.


I can help with these common relationship issues:

  • infidelity

  • poor communication

  • loss of intimacy

  • sexual connection

  • conflict and arguments

  • relationship breakdown

  • financial disagreements

  • coping with crises

  • parenting styles

  • negotiating blended families

  • exploring relationship and sexual diversity

Sometimes couples know that they have reached the end of the road.  Formal processes, such as divorce or mediation, don't offer a space to process the grief and loss that often go with the ending of significant relationships.  I am able to offer you a contained, boundaried space to explore all the emotions that come up, in a way that ensures that both parties get equal time, attention and understanding.

This short video from the School of Life describes well the basic process and aims of couples therapy:



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