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Psychotherapy is an opportunity to examine the difficulties and dilemmas we all face at various times in our lives.  It enables us to gain insight and clarity, and to move forward with an increased sense of identity, purpose and meaning.

Sometimes it is events outside our control that throw our whole lives into confusion, and we experience upsetting and overwhelming feelings that prevent us from functioning as we once did. Or we might be held back by experiences that happened a long time ago, and which we have not come to terms with.  We may not even be fully aware of how people, circumstances and events have shaped our emotions and behaviours, and why we get stuck in destructive or disillusioning decision-making patterns.  Sometimes, it is simply life itself that challenges us: what is our purpose? Why are we here?

Good psychotherapy is all about the relationship between client and counsellor.  Together, they build a trustworthy and respectful working partnership, so that the client has the freedom to truly be him or herself, to share feelings without fear of judgement, and to experience the change that can come from exploring emotions and thoughts in a confidential, safe and contained environment.


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