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If you are here, you may be considering starting, or re-starting, therapy.  

I hope my website helps you orientate yourself to my particular way of thinking about psychotherapy, what it can offer you and how it works, before deciding whether to arrange an initial consultation with me.


It can be anxiety provoking to seek help, and difficult to know where to begin.  


My starting point is the belief is that psychotherapy is for anyone who feels they are not living fully. It is for anyone who is in emotional and psychological pain, and who has the desire and the capacity to look honestly at what is wrong so that they can bring about change within themselves and in their lives.  So therapy is for almost everyone.


You don’t have to be in crisis to enter therapy, although some people are.  You may not be clear about what the problem is, only that you feel dissatisfied, or anxious or depressed.  There are all sorts of barriers that prevent us from having the life that we want: past experiences, ruptured relationships, trauma of all kinds.  We are usually not fully aware of how people and circumstances have shaped our behaviours, and why we get stuck in destructive patterns.  


Psychotherapy is a relationship, so it is really important that you find the therapist that is right for you.  The best way to decide if we are going to be a ‘good fit’ is to arrange an initial consultation. This will allow us to talk about what’s going on for you, discuss how I might be able to help and see how it feels to work together.  


To book an initial session, you can email me at:


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